Culture - Online bicycle proposition

The challenge

They say, "Get on your bike and ride." But how could connect millions of customers with thousands of retailers online?

With a 30% increase in electric bicycles sold in 2020 compared to 2019, not only wanted to expand its offerings to consumers but also aimed to broaden its services to existing mobility partners in the bicycle domain. By doing so, could extend its scope beyond cars and offer two-wheel solutions, aspiring to become the 'helpende hand van rijdend Nederland' (helping hand of mobile Netherlands). Expanding beyond car mobility enables them to provide customers with a comprehensive 360-degree mobility journey on their platform.

Bicycle retail shop

The services

  • Discovery
  • Design Sprint
  • Problem-Solution Fit
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Our approach

Discovery Phase

‍Our approach consisted of two components: desirability validation with consumers and feasibility validation with internal experts and ecosystem experts. During the desirability discovery phase, we engaged with consumers who purchased bicycles both online and offline from retailers, excluding classified ads sites like "marktplaats" (marketplace) eBay or "marktplaats" buyers.

Design Sprint

‍Upon concluding the discovery phase, the design sprint shaped the screens for solution interviews, facilitating the creation of an optimal customer journey for the online bike proposition. This process yielded three distinct customer journeys: offline, hybrid, and online.

Problem-Solution Fit Phase

‍We quantitatively validated these three different journeys through an online ad campaign. Building upon the validated assumptions, we developed five bold steps, initially focusing on supporting hybrid buyers before concentrating on those exclusively interested in the online journey. The impact of the optimal customer journey was confirmed through an impact assessment session with internal experts. During this session, we identified the main challenges, which the oneUp team transformed into an MVP development roadmap.



The outcome

While 85.7% of consumers expressed the desire to test ride a bicycle before purchasing, 62% were interested in buying a bicycle online. These findings led to support the transition from a hybrid to an online customer journey. This shift aligns with's ambition to be the 'Helpende hand van rijdend Nederland' (helping hand of drivers and bicyclists in the Netherlands).

To achieve this, they needed to go beyond merely connecting customers to car dealerships and instead offer an integrated innovation that deepens the value they provide.

One approach to achieve this was to expand into new domains, such as offering bicycles to customers through an online platform, going beyond the role of a lead generator to fully servicing the online bicycle proposition.

The MVP roadmap we developed for will shape their online bicycle offering. It primarily focuses on customers who currently prefer a hybrid approach of trying a bike at a retailer and then purchasing online. Over time, the goal is to transition these customers to exclusively online purchases. Leveraging's network of mobility partners across the Netherlands, we can eliminate pain points and capitalize on the benefits of the online bicycle buying experience. The research results, combined with this MVP development roadmap, will guide in their efforts to help customers transition to online purchases, starting with the hybrid journey. is currently using this roadmap to develop the MVP.