VNO-NCW & MKB-Nederland

Launching a tool in record time to help entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 outbreak

The challenge

COVID-19 caught the world by surprise. The Netherlands has the famous ‘Poldermodel’ where the Government, Employers and Employee confederations make critical decisions for the Dutch economy together. In the wake of COVID-19, financial aid for the economy was provided very swiftly. VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland are the federations for Dutch corporates and SMEs. They play a key role in this ‘Poldermodel’. They asked oneUp to support them with an online tool that guides SMEs through the different financial measures that could alleviate their acute financial challenges.

Dutch citizens going shopping during the pandemic

The services

  • Discovery
  • Ideation
  • Problem Solution Fit
  • Launch
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Our approach

Due to the abnormal circumstances, we had to move extremely quickly to design, test and launch CoronaCalculator. Due to the clear problem to solve and solution to it, we went through our oneUp process in only a few weeks time.


In the Discovery phase we researched the different governmental measures that were designed for SMEs. These included tax cuts and different credit solutions. Our short discovery led to a clear challenge to solve:”How might we provide a smart calculation platform for Dutch entrepreneurs during the Corona Crisis to give them insight into their liquidity situation?”

Ideation & Problem Solution Fit

In a short ideation workshop we created a prototype for the online tool and tested this with several entrepreneurs


After having enough evidence that we had found the solution to the acute problem, we built the online platform

The outcome

After only a few weeks we were able to launch, thereby helping thousands of entrepreneurs with creating clear insights into which financial aid they could get, what these measures all exactly entailed and what it would do to their liquidity positions.