Amnesty International NL

Shaping the future of fundraising

The challenge

Times are tough for many NGOs. And tough times call for new ideas. That’s why we created a new way for Amnesty NL to connect with supporters.

Amnesty International NL has a very devoted group of supporters, the majority of which are above 55 years old. The organization was striving to share its mission with younger generations and build closer relationships with the existing group. The issue was that their fundraising mechanisms were largely non-digital and demanded large ongoing commitments. Our challenge was to explore how younger generations wanted to contribute to NGOs.

Friends standing in the kitchen cooking together.

The services

  • Visioning
  • Customer Discovery
  • Ideation
  • Problem-Solution Fit
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Our approach

Creating a portfolio of validated ideas that can propel Amnesty International NL into the future of fundraising.

We started with uncovering the latest tech, market, and customer trends, defined future opportunity spaces, did a deep-dive into customer needs, followed by the three parallel ideations, and finalized by the validation of the ideas.


Drawing on in-depth research on the future tech, market, and generational trends, we formulated opportunity statements, defined the customer groups, and came up with a roadmap of actions.

Customer Discovery

We ran multiple rounds of in-depth interviews with current supporters and potential early adopters. We also developed a benchmark for best practice innovation in the NGO sector through conducting expert interviews. As a result, we created 3 actionable personas with pains and gains, drafted customer journeys and formulated questions for ideation.


In a 3-day hackathon, three teams worked in parallel to generate ideas. Each Amnesty International NL team was supported by a facilitator, creative strategist and designer from oneUp. The best ideas were prototyped and pitched back, with 4 ideas selected to be validated.

Problem-Solution Fit

Experiment fast, learn fast, and repeat. The oneUp and Amnesty NL team tested each concept

with future customers. Through rapid prototyping and experimentation, we developed high fidelity prototypes for four innovative fundraising models for Millennials and Gen X, startup founders, and big businesses. We ran solution interviews, surveys, and smoke tests for desirability. The desirability data was then coupled with the viability numbers - market size estimations.

Following validation experiments, we chose one final hero concept to pilot: Avondje Gerechtigheid (‘Evening for Justice’). Chefs from various regions around the world create special meal boxes. Supporters who order the box, get acquitted with cultures and cuisines, while discussing human rights in a chosen region with the support of conversation starter kit. Amnesty International NL already had an Uyghurian and Iranian editions.

The outcome

Together with oneUp, Amnesty International NL developed a portfolio of business ideas to ready them for the future of NGO fundraising. Launching Avondje Gerechtigheid (‘Evening for Justice’) enabled them to directly engage thousands of socially conscious new and existing supporters in a whole new way. oneUp is continuing to support Amnesty International NL explore new high potentials fundraising models.

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