Vattenfall’s new vision for “flexibility and storage”

The challenge

A new energy landscape requires innovative new business models. And that means innovative thinking. 

As the demand for electric cars increases, so too does global demand for electricity. The result? Energy companies like Vattenfall need to explore new business models, with “flexibility & storage” services becoming ever more important to their customers. 


The services

  • Visioning
  • Foresighting
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Our approach

Visioning & Foresighting 

After conducting an environmental scan and hosting workshops with Vattenfall’s leadership team, in cooperation with experts from Vattenfall’s Innovation Program, we created a vision for the future of energy “flexibility and storage”.


The outcome

Vattenfall’s new vision for “flexibility and storage” technologies and business models empowers customers to reduce the dirtiest and at the same time the most expensive kwh.


We presented our vision for energy "flexibility & storage" to the Vattenfall leadership team, outlining the steps Vattenfall could take to be disruptive and dominant in both B2B and B2C sectors. The leadership team aligned on how they think their playing field will change and what it will mean for their business. 


Finally we delivered a maturity scan of different regions and business areas within the field of “Flexibility and Storage”, making it easier for Vattenfall’s innovation program to identify regions and business areas where they should develop new innovations and share best practices from regions which are more mature. 


Vattenfall are currently executing on the vision by undertaking a startup scouting project to identify delivery partners.

Vattenfalls - Vision Flexibilty & Storage Poster