Working at oneUp

Same but different

Where do you want to work? Every company has something special. A unique culture. Good benefits. Cool product. The nicest colleagues. But how can you objectively determine whether this fits you as a person. As a company it is not easy to establish a culture that suits people so they feel comfortable and happy where they are. Therefore, we at oneUp, we have been searching for – and still building – the company values we want to strive for.

oneUp your health and happiness

90% of the time people in software companies are fixing problems and creating new ones. Often sitting behind a desk for long periods when doing so. This could lay a heavy burden on health condition (mental and physical). Our principal cultural value is promoting health, happiness and fun.

Creative genius

Thinking of new concepts and building new startups requires us to have insight and understand brand new technologies.

Efficiency < Communication & Wow > Profit

We rather sacrifice on efficiency than compromise our communications. Our remote culture requires heavy communication. We like the Wow factor. When required we always choose for more wow.

Learn every day

Technology can change for the better within a week. We can only keep up by learning on the job every day.

Magic internet money

Online magic everywhere.



As we are a very flat organization, these ‘managers’ below also work.
Yet their work is a bit different. Their work mainly consists of creating best possible conditions for our tech-teams to work in.

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Joris Bontje
Joris is our technology guru. We sometimes think he is a computer.
<?php echo Jef Cavens
Jef Cavens
As senior customer developer Jef masters the creative validation side of things.
<?php echo Mark Dijksman
Mark Dijksman
Mark is an tech explorer who explores the world of new business.
<?php echo Floris Schoenmakers
Floris Schoenmakers
Floris is responsible for general affairs, which includes all and everything.