Go from idea to a new business model with a proven startup innovation process.

Our innovation management team enables big companies to create successful revenue and business models themselves. By applying structured approach, we help with sustainable innovation strategy, related visions, transparent metric-driven process, innovation governance, and new capabilities creation in an ecosystem of stakeholders.

Rapid innovation from idea to pilot in days


A structured approach to take radical innovations from problem to scaled solution

2 weeks

Customer discovery

Unlock real customer problems, unmet needs, and gain potential in a round of discovery interviews and ethnography research. All connected to your challenge.

2-5 days


Focus on solving urgent customer problems, come up with scaleable solutions and gather feedback from real users.

± 8 weeks


Reduce implementation risks for your latest venture by going through rapid experimentation and search for problem-solution fit with us.

± 16 weeks


Turn your idea into a Minimal Viable Product to get crucial audience feedback from early adopters before investing into execution.

± 30 weeks


Test components related to your revenue model, reduce the financial risk by testing assumptions around the financial aspects.

± 50 weeks


We will get your new business model ready for a roll-out at scale, both technically and operationally.

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