Unlocking New Growth Opportunities in Fashion.

Three pivotal areas for fashion executives to concentrate their innovation efforts in 2024
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This report is for fashion leaders navigating budget challenges, highlighting the importance of focusing on key opportunities rather than spreading resources thin. Our team identifies three priorities for 2024, shares trends and examples of industry leaders, aiming to inspire and offer assistance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, sustainability, hyper-personalization, and digital fashion stand out as pivotal trends shaping its trajectory. Our latest report dives into these key trends, drawing from insights gained through extensive research and innovation projects conducted for leading fashion brands.

Each growth opportunity outlined in the report is tied to one of these trends, offering actionable insights derived from our in-depth analysis. Furthermore, the report presents concise case studies spotlighting pioneering companies at the forefront of these opportunity spaces.

For fashion executives seeking to navigate the future of fashion, our report highlights the following areas as particularly pertinent and valuable:

- Mapping Materials: Transparency in the Textile Supply Chain
- Tailored Tomorrow:
Scaling Made-to-Order and Co-Creation
- Augmented Apparel:
Embracing Blended Realities

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oneUp is a business model innovation agency specializing in helping unlocking new growth opportunities in fashion

oneUp is a business model innovation agency specialising in helping corporates turn the world's significant disruptions into opportunities.