Generative AI Webinar: Creating value beyond the hype

Our AI expert Regan Kirk explains how you can turn trends and use cases into commercial opportunities for your business.
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From hype to value. With emerging technology it is difficult to cut through the hype and identify where there is real value for your business. oneUp’s Generative AI inspiration sessions are designed to help you take action on this critical trend. 

Download our webinar and the report and get insights into the following topics:

Understand the technology
We unpack the technology behind Generative AI in an easy to understand way. This will give your team a strong knowledge base to understand what is happening in this space. 

Focus on the real value
With any emerging technology it is hard to distinguish the real value from the hype - we will share practical use cases on how Generative AI can be utilised in the short term, and how it is likely to evolve in the future.

Show how it works
We find that people need to see the technology in action to truly understand it’s potential. In the session we will go beyond Chat GPT and and demonstrate how Generative AI really works. 

Setting you up for action
This session is all about enabling action. Your team will finish the session with tangible ideas for projects and feel knowledgeable enough about Generative AI to put them into action. 

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