Drive adjacent and disruptive innovation structurally

Our innovation management team enables big companies to create successful revenue and business models themselves. By applying structured approach, we help with sustainable innovation strategy, related visions, transparent metric-driven process, innovation governance, and new capabilities creation in an ecosystem of stakeholders.

Design your own Innovation Machine in 5 days


A hands-on approach to implement and
operate your innovation portfolio.

day 1

Maturity Assessment

Get a company diagnosis

With a maturity assessment we scan your organization’s innovation maturity and decide where to focus on.

day 2


Define your value in the future

The visioning workshop guides you in defining your radical innovation visions in order to make sure that innovation initiatives are always aligned with your strategic direction.

day 3

Opportunity curation

Collect and curate ideas

Visions are populated by ‘sparks’ which are gathered, curated and prioritized and will results in a clear innovation funnel.

day 4


Find the balance between exploration and exploitation

Here we will determine a clear governance process to keep the right balance between the core organization and exploring new business models.

day 5

Way forward

Create a 90 day-plan

The config sprint deliverables will be an innovation playbook with clear innovation accounting metrics and a 90 day-plan to kickstart your innovation machine.

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