oneUp combines the urge of big companies,
with our data driven approach of effective and
efficient innovation.

We manage

drive adjacent and disruptive innovation structurally

Our innovation management team enables big companies to design and build successful business models themselves with the optimal setup and interaction between the current business and the ‘explore’ environment. By applying a structured approach, we help with sustainable innovation strategy, related visions, transparent metric-driven process, governance, innovation accounting and new capability creation in an ecosystem of stakeholders. The end goal is to create successful innovative business models that either transfer back into the current business or go on as a separate entity through a spin-off.

We execute

Go from idea to a new business model

Our venture building team creates, builds and scales new business models from A to Z. We follow a structured process of customer discovery, ideation and customer development which allows for scaling new business models in the most effective way. Our iterative approach is driven by continuous user feedback and focuses on desirability, feasibility and viability. In this way, we build new businesses that customers love and that generates a Return on Innovation.

We empower

Digital tools to empower innovation management

Our Powerup software suite empowers companies to have full transparency on all innovation activities and make data-driven decisions. The goal is to help companies reduce risk, optimize resource allocation, share knowledge and, perhaps most importantly, innovate. We achieve this on the operational side by leveraging the power of machine learning to provide the right tools at the right time, guiding employees through the innovation process and, ultimately, create meaningful reports and insights for (portfolio)management.

we manage.

drive adjacent and disruptive innovation structurally

we execute.

from idea to a new business model with a proven startup innovation process.

we empower.

Digital tools to empower innovation management.