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Getting to the next level: Tips on how to get the job you love at oneUp

Hey you, my name is Sarah, I am the People and Culture Manager at oneUp. If you are reading this short article you might be interested in joining the oneUp family. I have a few tips for you to help you rock the application process and figure out if this is a match made in heaven.

So where do you start? Just like in innovation, start with doing some research. I would suggest starting with reading about our job descriptions. Does it fit with what you are looking for? Look at some of your colleagues-to-be profiles to look at their interests, conferences they go to, or contributions they made. Interesting stuff? Do you talk about these topics as well? Conferences you would love to go to? Another option is to check out our oneUp page, we have communicated about some cool projects we have worked on and are very proud of. Do you see yourself working on any of these projects or clients?

The next step is very simple: Apply for the job at oneUp that you love. You will not have to wait very long, you will hear back from us within a few working days. Or send a message to one of those awesome people you just looked at.

Once you decide you are in, it’s time to go to the next level.

So let's get into it:

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Level 1: A video call for you to get to know oneUp a bit better and for us our first opportunity to get to know you.

  • Gain some context about oneUp: Get an idea of who we are, what we do, and what we stand for: read our blogs about our methodology and our ideas on corporate innovation: (of course, there’s a lot more about us you can find on the internet).  
  • Think of questions you want to ask us. This is your time to ask anything you'd like to know about oneUp and the position you're applying for.

Level 2: Time to talk about innovation!

Chat with one or two oneUp team members, aka your potential new colleagues, in person or digitally. We describe this conversation as a few very enthusiastic people, talking about their craft and what they like to do. What is your way of thinking and what is theirs? Learn and discover from each other about ideas of corporate innovation. Plus, you get to see our office if you join us in person and get a better sense of our culture!  

Extra tips:

  • Think about your vision of innovation and your knowledge of different methodologies. What is your opinion about different topics? Which topics do you like to talk about the most?
  • Of course, we want to get to know the real you, so just be yourself and show us your real colors!
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Level 3: Show off your skills and expertise + LUNCHTIME

Now it’s time to show off your skills and your way of thinking. You’ll work on a case at home (you will get around 4-5 hours for it) and present this at the office to two of our team members.

This is also the time we will invite you for lunch. We find it super important that there’s also a cultural fit. Do you enjoy sitting down, eating and talking with the people around you? You do your best on your case, our Masterchef will do her best on your lunch.

Tips for the case:

  • It doesn’t have to be a giant slide deck or thesis, we’re just very curious to see and hear how you think.
  • Guide us through your way of thinking and approach.
  • Show us some of your (innovation) knowledge and don’t be shy… surprise us!
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You are almost there… If you have gotten this far and all goes well, do you know what's next? It's offer time!

After completing all these levels you’re almost there. Time to agree on the offer and discuss when you’ll be joining the oneUp team.

Congratulations you leveledUp! Welcome to the oneUp team and time to get started.

I hope that these tips will help you and we will have you joining the oneUp family very soon.

Want to find the job you love? Go and check our careers page.