Organising for Transformation and Innovation: An Executive Guide

Download our guide and learn how to define winning innovation strategies, design measurable governance models and deploy the right methodologies
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In today's competitive landscape, staying ahead means managing your innovation activities. Our latest report is a practical guide for executives and leaders looking to develop their organisation into a growth engine. It is straightforward advice for tackling some of today's biggest challenges in innovation.

First, we tackle the fundamentals: finding the right opportunities and focussing your efforts. This is about creating a winning innovation strategy that matches with your corporate strategy.

Next, we address how to set up your team and design a structure that aligns your explorative activities with your organisation's goals and capabilities.

And finally, we explore ways to get these projects through you innovation funnel and out into the market faster and more successfully by using evidence-based methodologies.

This guide is about making innovation tangible, measurable and practical. The content is based on our Business Design Team's extensive knowledge stemming from innovation projects across multiple sectors. It contains the best practices that we believe leading companies should adopt during 2024.

Download our report and learn how you can make a difference in your company. We're here to help businesses grow, and we believe this guide is a great place to start.

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oneUp is a business model innovation agency specialising in helping corporates turn the world's significant disruptions into opportunities.

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