Tommy Hilfiger

Revolutionizing virtual fashion through phygital fashion

The challenge

Uncovering new opportunities within the virtual fashion space that differentiate Tommy Hilfiger from what the rest of the industry is doing. 

The digital fashion industry is exploding and PVH tasked oneUp with developing a new business model for Tommy Hilfiger where they had a clear competitive advantage and had the potential to scale to €100 million revenue. 

Models wearing Tommy Hilfiger Clothing

The services

  • Visioning
  • Customer discovery
  • Ideation
  • Problem-Solution Fit
  • MVP Development
  • Pilot
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Our approach

Customer Discovery and Ideation

In collaboration with the PVH innovation team, oneUp ran a discovery track exploring the space of digital self expression. This served as input for an ideation week that resulted in the creation of a new business model and sub-brand - named Tommy Parallel. Tommy Parallel is a platform that enables people to create their own interoperable avatar for virtual worlds and style it with Tommy Hilfiger garments. People were then able to purchase the physical version of their virtual garment. 

Problem-Solution Fit

We validated the desirability of the concept through building, testing and co-creating with a community of gamers who were immersed in virtual worlds. The viability of the propositions was validated through a smoke test, where we replicated the buying experiment to assess willingness to pay. We also undertook a search to identify a partner who had the technical expertise to help us deliver on our priority features. 


The MVP we launched went viral and exceeded our KPIs, while gaining a lot of traction with the digital fashion community. Parallel was successfully pitched to the PVH innovation board and received venture funding.


To further test the desirability and viability, the Pilot involved launching a Shopify store where users could purchase a small collection of digital + physical garments and import items into their chosen virtual worlds. 

To enhance the user experience and truly experience the Metaverse, we partnered with Spatial and Hiberworld to create unique Tommy worlds that visitors could explore.

Throughout the rest of the pilot, we plan to run experiments across the customer journey to improve the conversion rate to amplify future marketing spend.

The outcome

oneUp is currently working with PVH to develop, test and scale the platform and explore how it can be used to build out an ecosystem of new digital fashion concepts. The concept has been well received by early adopters, allowed PVH to continue learning about this evolving space, positioned Tommy as a leader in web 3 and has been praised by major news outlets. 

Parallel by Tommy Hilfiger