Regan Kirk

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Regan is a Lead Venture Builder at oneUp and is in
charge of ventures that focus on emerging technologies.

He has 10+ years of experience as a speaker, and regularly runs inspiration sessions for our key client executives to help them understand critical technology themes. He has recently supported Tommy Hilfiger's break into the world of digital fashion, created Post NL’s metaverse strategy, and is currently working with PON to embed AI across their business.

As a speaker, Regan is known for breaking down complex concepts with clarity, ensuring audiences leave with actionable insights and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. He has natural charisma and brings and informality to his presentations that make him engaging and easy to listen to.

Industry experience:
Food and Agriculture
Talks about:
Generative AI
Venture Builder
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Mark speaks
Breakfast with a steep learning curve. Thank you for the insightful session on Generative AI!
Erik Henstra
Managing Director at Trileeft Leasing Group
Your “Building a company in 9 minutes with Generative AI Tools” Demo during the wakeUp session was impressive. Thank you for sharing your insights.
Michiel Sintenie
Innovation Manager Europe at Vattenfall
oneUp's meetup on the topic of Web3 was an enjoyable session, and I left with lost of new insights.
Tamar Kurzer
Business Transformation Consultant
Regan's latest events

Regan has been a regular speaker at oneUp events on how to cut through the hype and make Generative AI actionable. While a lot of speakers have focused on building the hype, Regan has found a niche focusing on inspiring audiences about what impact they can make tomorrow.

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Generative AI
Food and Agriculture